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August Feelings
18" x 24"
Oil Paint on Wood Panel

This area might seem very familiar to you even though you've probably never seen it. You can walk down the road in your mind, you can touch the walls, and watch the clouds go by. The heat from the sun warms your face. You can be right there in the alley!


I think this painting is powerful because it is so realistic. It's a true representation of a memory we all have. We are surrounded by buildings, telephone poles, and the nature that desperately tries to take it back every summer. And there's beauty in it. There's beauty in our everyday lives. Beauty right outside our back doors!


This painting is framed and ready to hang

August Feelings

    • UV Protectant Varnish
    • Signature on Back
    • Original Painting
    • Includes Black Frame
    • Ready to Hang
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