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Come See The Art In Person!

1811 3RD AVE E
G, MN.

We're artists. We're open most days except when we're not.
We're here all day e
xcept when we get here late or leave early.

If you schedule a visit I can guarantee we'll be there!


Hi! I'm Serenity. I own and operate a gallery in Hibbing, MN. It's a cozy place filled with oil paintings I've created. As you look around the gallery you'll find busted-up buildings and snow-covered trees next to a thawing pond. There are paintings of flowers, of women, old trucks, and hammers. All of the things I wanted to honor and surround myself with.

You'll find a wall of prints of pet portraits I've made behind the jewelry case.

Our friend and local jeweler Melba Silver creates earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from semi-precious stones. Her designs are inspired by combining joy with elegance. Learn more here: Silvers Jewelry


We have CD's for our music. My husband and I are working on our eighth album and have just released our seventh titled "Space Kitty". Christopher Crego also creates stunning oil paintings expressing what we've all felt through surrealism/realism. 

Words can't accurately describe what you'll find here. Stop by and see the art in person! Schedule a visit here: Contact

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