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Oil Paintings

Serenity is a realism oil painter and grayscale ink artist dedicated to creating portraits, still lifes, and landscapes with a high level of technical accuracy and emotional significance.


"I love to create art that asks the viewer to notice how beautiful the world we live in is."


Crego is a 20-year-old self-taught artist whose paintings speak of a quality that is way beyond her years. Since 2017 she has specialized in portraiture and has created commissioned portraits for people all over the country. 


This is the art I'm very excited about right now. Here's a link to my bio and resume:

Deep Dive

Abstract Oil Paintings

Grayscale Ink Drawings

Working in grayscale ink has a lot of benefits including the ability to work with photos that are not suitable for color. I am also able to create portraits in a faster time frame than an oil painting which allows me to price this kind of artwork at a lower cost.

Many clients have bought this type of portrait as a gift for their loved ones.

While creating in this medium has a few practical advantages, I also love the finished look. The monochrome captures the memory of the pet. They are alive in the most idealized way on a perfect day in the best health.


My goal with any portrait is to honestly immortalize the subject. Like looking at an old black and white photo we are transported in our imagination to that time, the grayscale ink portraits have the same effect on me. 

I have written a book on how to create portraits in this style that can be found in the shop section of my website.

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