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Fine art giclee prints of my original oil painting "Daisies"


Available in 2 sizes


5" x 7"

8" x 12" - This size comes preframed in an 11" x 14" black wood frame matted to 8" x 12". A perfect gift that is ready to hang!


Each print comes signed on the back.



I love how this painting is exactly as loose as it is precise. They lean on each other to make a beautiful painting.


The depth of field background alone is ridiculous and the hyper-realistic flower by itself would be a bit less impressive if the flowers behind it were just as rendered. And I really love flowers!


I think paintings in general give us a space to think. That's maybe their ultimate purpose. When I look at this painting I reach out for those feelings of acceptance and embracing the good aspects of daily life. 


Free Shipping in the Domestic US

$15 Flat Rate Shipping Everywhere Else


Daisies PRINTS

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