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"Gentle Descent"

11" x 14"

Oil Paint and Cold Wax Medium on Hardboard



The purpose of any painting to me is to take you to different place in your mind. I like to go to beautiful places where paint strokes fill me with wonder. When I set out to make abstract paintings, the most important goal of mine is to have a painting that I can fall into. I don't know where I am or what I'm looking at but what I do know is that I like it.


I like the colors, the texture, the mystery of how this came to be. I love the endless exploring an artwork can give me. It can change meaning as I change. We can grow together!


Abstract paintings allow us to feel anyway we want to feel about what we're looking at. I think this is freeing! I've made these to be available to anyone who wants this kind of painting to hang in their home.


The size is smaller than most abstracts to fit on any wall alongside family photos. Every abstract comes framed and ready to hang. 

Gentle Descent

$200.00 Regular Price
$185.00Sale Price
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