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I believe YOU can make amazing realistic art. Not only do I believe it, I know it!


We live in a world where finding the time to create can be difficult. It's not our fault that we have to go to work to make money to live. I think it can be easy to feel a little guilty about not spending as much time as we would like honing our craft, but I want you to know that I don't think it's necessarily because of you. There are responsibilities that are more important than drawing or painting going on in our lives. When we do get a chance to create, we're often disappointed by the little progress we made. How's anyone supposed to get anywhere with little time to practice? Do we just have to be born talented? Here's the answer I've found after years of studying art.


You have to know how to make realistic art before you can make realistic art.


That's maybe a bit obvious. So the real question is, how is anyone supposed to learn how to create great art?


Here are some things that immediately come to mind. These are what we've been taught to believe is necessary.


To learn how to create you need:

Years and years of practice.

Inherent talent.

Tons of money for schooling.

To sketch constantly.

To be young, motivated, and have tons of free time.


I can honestly say that none of these are necessary to create realistic art.


Some people make creating mind-blowing artworks look so easy! Doesn't it seem like there's been something hidden from you about learning art? You're absolutely right! I've found information that no one talks about. It's been kept from us. It's not taught in schools. And the best part is, it's simple.


So many teachers want to make learning art so complex. Before you ever make a portrait you MUST know the anatomy. You must draw skulls before you draw muscles before you draw skin before you draw a specific person in specific light conditions. It will take years to learn that way!


But what if there's a different, easier way to learn how to draw?


I think a lot of professional artists use similar ideas to create their art. They won't tell you it's easy though! If they show you that making art is easy, they'll create artists who will take their customers. They'll create artists that no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on tuition. Why would anyone who figured out the secrets to creating amazing realistic art, ever share their knowledge?


I think it's a big enough world to have more skillful artists. I think there are enough people to make artwork for. I think creating art is incredibly therapeutic. I also think being stuck at the same level of artistic skill year after year is insanely frustrating. We all deserve to have a chance to know the truth behind art!


This is exactly why I've written this book. To give anyone who wants to learn how to draw a fast track to creating art as good (or better) than me!


There is a method to creating great art. It is so scientifically consistent that if you apply everything in this book I can GUARANTEE you that it will make you an amazing realism artist.


Buy the PDF here if you're ready to make your dreams of becoming an excellent artist come true!


This book gives you everything you need to learn how to create realistic pet portraits from photographs using Copic markers!


I've written it in a way that you can use what I teach and bring it to your own drawings. The book does not ask you to copy my artwork but to understand my thought process behind each brush stroke. 

It's about "why" I do what I do along with the "how"!


It covers:

What materials are necessary

What Copic markers are, how to re-fill them, and how to use them

How to choose the best photo reference

My tips for creating the best composition

The complete formula for creating amazing realistic art

How to know you have the correct placement, value, and form

In-depth texture tutorials

How to see and fix mistakes

and more!


Page count: 127 pages

How To Draw Pet Portraits With Copic Markers

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  • 88.3 MB

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    127 Pages

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